How to Designing Impactful Teardrop Flags for Maximum Visibility

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pharmacy teardrop flag

Why We Changed Our Pharmacy Flag Color

At, we recently updated our ready-made pharmacy flag from green to blue. Green often blends into the environment, reducing visibility. Blue, however, stands out, ensuring your flag catches the eye of passersby. This highlights the importance of choosing the right colours in your teardrop flag designs.

Key Tips for Teardrop Flag Design

Teardrop flags are an excellent way to draw attention to your business or event. Here are some tips to ensure your teardrop flags are effective:

  • Colour Selection:
    • High Visibility: Choose contrasting colours like blue and white for maximum readability.
    • Brand Consistency: Align colours with your brand identity.
  • Message Clarity:
    • Concise Text: Use short, impactful messages. Avoid clutter.
    • Bold Fonts: Select bold, easy-to-read fonts.
  • Graphics and Logos:
    • High-Resolution Images: Use high-quality images to maintain professionalism.
    • Proper Placement: Position logos to complement the text.
  • Environmental Considerations:
    • Outdoor Durability: Use weather-resistant materials.
    • Contrast with Surroundings: Choose colours that stand out, like our switch from green to blue.
  • Size and Shape:
    • Optimal Dimensions: Ensure the flag size fits its location. Larger flags are more visible.
    • Shape Utilization: Use the widest part of the teardrop for key information.

Why Teardrop Flags Are Effective

Teardrop flags, also known as banner flags or feather banners, are effective because they:

  • Attract Attention: Their shape and movement catch the eye.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for indoor and outdoor promotions.
  • Easy Setup: Lightweight and portable for events.

Explore Our Teardrop Flag Options

At, we offer various teardrop flag options:

By following these tips and using our high-quality products, you can create teardrop flags that effectively capture attention and communicate your message. Whether you need advertising flags, banner flags, or teardrop flags in NZ, has the perfect solution for you.

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