Teardrop Flag Kitsets

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1. Why Our Teardrop Flag Kitsets are the Best

Teardrop Flag Kitset Includes
Our Product Features
Custom printed teardrop flag
  • Heavy-duty fabric suitable for NZ weather
  • Top quality European UV resistant ink
  • High standard sewing precision
  • Extra protection of flag tips
  • Efficient cord lock allows for easy installation
Flag poles
  • Fibreglass poles
  • Extremely durable
  • Lasts up to 7 years depending on situation
Flag bases
  • 7 teardrop flag base options applicable to all situations
Flag Carry Bag
  • Oxford fabric made carry bag for all types of teardrop flags

The turnaround of a normal process is about 5 to 7 working days. We also offer 2-3 working day urgent services with some extra costs (click for details). Please email to flagseller.co.nz@gmail.com or call us at 021997058 to check with us before ordering.

2. Small or Large Custom Teardrop Flag Kitset

All custom teardrop flag kitsets include their relative heavy duty fiberglass flag poles, a flag base with 7 different options (prices may vary), and a fabric carry bag.

Small Custom Teardrop Flag
  • 2.3m high after setting up
  • a custom printed flag at the size of 1800x800mm
Large Custom Teardrop Flag
  • 3.6m high after setting up
  • a custom printed flag at the size of 3000x1040mm

3. Single-sided or Double-sided Flag Printing Option?

double sided teardrop flags
  • Single-sided: flag with show-thru tech, correct reading on one side and mirrored reading on the other side. The option is good for simple designs or tight budget projects

  • Double-sided: flag with an additional blockout layer (3 layers in total), correct reading on both sides. 80% customers have selected this option for their flags in the past 12 months.

4. Our 7 Flag Base Options for Teardrop Flag Kitset

ground spike for teardrop flags
Ground spike: (default) the most popular and widely base, mainly used on soft surfaces like grasslands or dirt.

Applications: Outdoor daily use on soft surfaces

10kg 20kg heavy-duty steel plate base for teardrop flags
10kg or 20kg Steel square base:  low carbon steel square bases with two different size 10kg or 20kg.

Applications: low maintenance, suitable for daily use on any type of surfaces

water tank base for teardrop flags
Large water tank base:  Around 14kg when filled with water, a very solid base.

Applications: suitable for daily use on any type of surfaces, particularly in windy zones.

cross base for teardrop flags in nz
Cross base with a water bag: cross steel tubes with a pvc water bag (about 8-9 kg when filled with water) making it portable and easy to carry.

Applications: suitable for indoor use, travel for events.

wall mount base for teardrop flags in nz
Multi-angle wall bracket:  attaches directly to the side of buildings or fences with three different angles (0, 30, 90 degrees)

Applications: ideal for daily use at shop fronts. Never get lost.

car wheel base for teardrop flags in nz
Car wheel base:  used by placing this under car wheels. foldable base so easy to carry.

Applications: ideal for event use with cars.

5. Design Services and Teardrop Flag Templates for DIY

We encourage you to design your own flags, however you must use our small teardrop flag template (PDF) or large teardrop flag template (PDF) to make sure that the design is valid. Guidelines are outlined in the template. You may check the sample designs below for the design idea and find more samples in the gallery.  If you still need more help, check out our short flag design tutorial which can aid you in your flag design.

Key points to remember for the teardrop flag designs:

  • The red-sewing lines in the templates indicate the area that will be printed. Content outside of the red-sewing lines will not be shown on the finished flags.
  • All texts used must be converted to curves or contours because we might not have the same font that you have used.
  • The Pantone colour codes must be provided if colour matching is required.
  • We accept high resolution bitmaps with unmerged layers. But we prefer to have a vectorised pdf file instead.
  • If the file is larger than 20 Mb, then you could use Dropbox, Google drive or similar services and send us the downloading link by email or using the order message box.
  • If there are multiple files that you need to upload, then please combine the files together into a single .zip file before uploading them.

Use Canva? Yes you can. We have uploaded our templates to Canva. Please check the links below. You will find the detail instructions in the templates.

Not enough time to design? No problem! Just add our flag design/layout service to your cart.

    6. What can Teardrop Flags do for Your Business

    • Teardrop flags can help to bring business for a shop that are usually further away from the main traffic, or have a very small street front. Potential customers may not be able to find you, or are unsure of what you sell, but a teardrop flag provides the customers with information and will clearly show where your business operates. By being completely portable teardrop flags allow you to set them up wherever you believe will attract traffic to your business.
    • At indoor events, you can make use of the eye-catching and colourful designs that can be printed onto a teardrop flag. The unique shape of the flag will instantly grab the attention of potential customers. This means that at your next indoor event in NZ, if you have a teardrop flag with a bright and eye-catching design it would guarantee success.
    • Easy to set up, easy to pack up. Always on the move around New Zealand? Then a teardrop flag would be very suitable for you as it is very portable. The smart cord lock system helps you efficiently take your custom promotional flag wherever you go. Whether you are a sales representative, or real estate agent, you can take a teardrop flag with you allowing you to get your buainess noticed wherever and whenever you need.
    • Make you business more professional with fashionable custom teardrop flags. Car dealers and golf courses in New Zealand use custom teardrop flags to make their businesses more personalised and professional.

    7. About us

    • We are located in Auckland, but do delivery nationwide across New Zealand, like Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch (chch).
    • We are one of the approved flag makers and sign writers by the NZ government, providing you with top quality advertising flags and promotional flags.
    • All of our teardrop flags are customised and personalised to suit your marketing needs. We guarantee the best prices in New Zealand but will only sell high quality goods.
    • Check out our all 5-star reviews from our satisfied customers on Google+.

    8. Gallery for Teardrop Flag Design Ideas

    1. The Current Turnaround

    Please kindly let us know in advance if you have any close deadline. We will try our best to meet your deadlines.

    Our Service
    Current Turnaround Time
    Normal Custom Orders
    • 4-6 working days, non-same week services 
    • Please check the details below for the cutoff times
    Urgent Custom Orders
    • 2-3 working days, same week services
    • Not always available. Please email us at flagseller.co.nz@gmail.com or call 021 997 058 before ordering
    • A guaranteed service once we take your order
    • Check the extra costs with this link (Per flag)
    Ready-made Flags
    • will post it out on the next day

    2. The Cutoff Times

    Two Weekly Cutoff Times for Normal Custom Orders
    flag order cutoff time round 1
    flag order cutoff time round 2

    3. Custom Products with a Longer Turnaround

    Custom Product
    Custom printed gazebo
    • 2-3 weeks
    Custom flag buntings
    • 2-3 weeks
    Custom small hand waving flags
    (more than 50pcs)
    • 2-3 weeks
    Custom pop-out fabric A frame
    • 2-3 weeks
    Business cards and flyers
    (large quantity)
    • 2-3 weeks
    Banner pens
    • 3-5 weeks

    Flag and Banner Maintenance

    While our high precision sewing and heavy-duty European ink is at the best of the best in the market, the inevitable wear of time will fade your flags and banners. Here are some quick tips to keep your flags or banners in a longer lifetime:

    1. Keep out of direct sunlight when not needed - our UV-resistant European ink still fare better without UV rays

    2. Ensure there are NO nearby rough walls, poles or plants that will damage the fabric - constant friction may cause irregular tear, as the number one reason for failure.

    3. Make sure the flag or banner is setup correctly - push flag to the end of pole tip and tie the cord stopper accordingly

    4. Keep your poles for your teardrop or feather banners away from surrounding objects - avoid pole damage caused by collision with other strong obstacles due to wind

    5. Not for very windy days - it's a good idea to take down your large banners if wind speeds exceed 55km/h, your small banners if wind speeds exceed 65km/h

    6. Wash only when necessary - when washing do not use detergent, rinse in water only, no washing machine.