Professional Flag Design

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Our Services

The professional design/Layout service is charged per artwork (multiple flags with the same/similar design is considered as one), The service is only available when you purchase our flags. Two free modifications are included.

Please note that the default design fee ($20+gst for a single sided and $30 for a double sided) we charge is for max 20 minutes, which is enough in most cases when customers have a clear picture in their minds.  An extra charge will be required for complicate designs. 

How to make the flag design order?

  1. Add the service to your cart when making your flag order.
  2. Search around or check our teardrop & feather flag gallery to get some idea.
  3. Sketch up something for us on paper (or use a word file). Take a photo and upload it when checking out.
  4. Upload your logo file with the best resolution you can get. A vector file is preferred if available. 
  5. Normally you will receive a mockup from us in a short time or an email if we need more information.
We offer a 50% off voucher "googlereview50p" for the design service if you are willing to spend a little bit time to write a review on google for us when you receive the flags. 

    1. The Current Turnaround

    Please kindly let us know in advance if you have any close deadline. We will try our best to meet your deadlines.

    Our Service
    Current Turnaround Time
    Normal Custom Orders
    • 4-6 working days, non-same week services 
    • Please check the details below for the cutoff times
    Urgent Custom Orders
    • 2-3 working days, same week services
    • Not always available. Please email us at or call 021 997 058 before ordering
    • A guaranteed service once we take your order
    • Check the extra costs with this link (Per flag)
    Ready-made Flags
    • will post it out on the next day

    2. The Cutoff Times

    Two Weekly Cutoff Times for Normal Custom Orders
    flag order cutoff time round 1
    flag order cutoff time round 2

    3. Custom Products with a Longer Turnaround

    Custom Product
    Custom printed gazebo
    • 2-3 weeks
    Custom flag buntings
    • 2-3 weeks
    Custom small hand waving flags
    (more than 50pcs)
    • 2-3 weeks
    Custom pop-out fabric A frame
    • 2-3 weeks
    Business cards and flyers
    (large quantity)
    • 2-3 weeks
    Banner pens
    • 3-5 weeks

    Flag and Banner Maintenance

    While our high precision sewing and heavy-duty European ink is at the best of the best in the market, the inevitable wear of time will fade your flags and banners. Here are some quick tips to keep your flags or banners in a longer lifetime:

    1. Keep out of direct sunlight when not needed - our UV-resistant European ink still fare better without UV rays

    2. Ensure there are NO nearby rough walls, poles or plants that will damage the fabric - constant friction may cause irregular tear, as the number one reason for failure.

    3. Make sure the flag or banner is setup correctly - push flag to the end of pole tip and tie the cord stopper accordingly

    4. Keep your poles for your teardrop or feather banners away from surrounding objects - avoid pole damage caused by collision with other strong obstacles due to wind

    5. Not for very windy days - it's a good idea to take down your large banners if wind speeds exceed 55km/h, your small banners if wind speeds exceed 65km/h

    6. Wash only when necessary - when washing do not use detergent, rinse in water only, no washing machine.