Custom Screen Printed Flags

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Screen printed flags for outdoor flagpoles:

Quantity discounts are available. Please note that the price is for one customised standard size 1800x900mm flagpole flag. But this product has a minimum quantity of 20pcs with the same design. And also the number of colours in your design should not be more than 3. There are two ways of screen printing:

  • Manual process - average quality but the minimum quantity is 20.
  • Run on a screen printer - excellent quality but the minimum quantity is 50. 

 In comparison to new digital printing technologies, screen printing is a 2000 year old business. There are a lot of limitations of this technology. But for bulk production, screen printing still has its advantages.

Advantages of screen printing:

  • The flag colours will last for 2-5 years, which is much longer than digital printed flags,
  • the colour difference between the front and the back sides is much smaller than the digital printing.
  • It can be used to print on thick fabric like 300D and 600D wovens. 

Feature of the product:

  • 1800x900mm or quote for any size you prefer,
  • Anti-fray sewing technology
  • Sister clips mounting by default, or we can use eyelets but it is not as strong as the sister clip mounting.
  • The price is based on 110gsm polyknit. But we can also work on premium quality 300D  wovens.
  • The turnaround is around 3 weeks. Please email or call to confirm.


  • Company flags
  • Golf course flags
  • Promotional flags
  • Advertising flags
  • Voting campaign flags

Quantity discounts are available.