Standard-size Pop-up Display Wall Set 2.3 x 2.3m

Pop-up display banner for indoor dropback wall. Only need 5 minutes to set up or take down the whole display wall, making your next event effortless. Light-weighted but heavy-duty alumimium frame. 

Display size: Standard square size 2300 x 2300 mm, please check our website for larger sizes 

Print material: 260gsm polyknit fabric 

Print tech: state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing, full colour

Frame: Heavy-duty aluminium frame, 7kg not a normal 5kg cheap frame on the market.

Packing: a fabric bag is included


 - front panel only - photo 3

- front panel plus two sides - photo 1, 4

Please click and download the standard size pop-up display (backdrop wall) pdf template.

$ 539.00 GST excl.

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  - all designers must download and use this standard size pop-up display (backdrop wall) pdf template