Should I use teardrop flags or feather flags?

Should I Select Feather Flags or Teardrop Flags?

What is your main purpose of the flags?

There are 3 main reasons that people use teardrop or feather flags for advertising.

- Telling people “who I am”:
- Telling people “we are here”: you may want to have your logo or company name as large as possible on your flags. 
- Telling people “what we do”

What are you going to put on the flag?

Logo, slogan, and business keywords are three common contents for flag design. It is not a good idea You do not need to put all of them on a single flag. Pick up the most important one based on the answer to the first question. You may use a specific background colour or pattern. You may also use some product images. But you should keep in mind that a good flag design should make the most important part more significant.

Once you have the rough idea of your content, you should be able to easily determine which type of flag you will choose, windblade or teardrop.  Here are 3 comments you might feel useful

1. Choose feather flags if your content can be designed in vertical

2. Choose teardrop flags if your content is hard to be read in vertical or quite complicate

3. Choose feather flags if you want a flag as large as possible


What Size of Flag Should I Choose?

What is your budget?

The size is the matter when you choose your flag. Choose the one as large as possible within your budget. For example, If you can choose, a double-sided flag would be the bonus. But the size is more critical.

What is your environment?

It would not be a good idea to choose a large size flag if you want to leave it outside for most of time but you are located at the windy place. In such a case, reduce your size and choose a double sided small size flag.

How often and how long do you use your flag?

You might have to consider of using small size flags if you hope you can leave your flags unattended at most of time, which will reduce the flag lifespane and is not encouraged.