How to find the flag templates for our designer to use?

How to find the flag templates for our designer to use?


Where can I find the flag templates for design? 

 The template should be able to be found on the product page you are interested. Download the pdf template file from the description section and send it to your designer or design it by yourself. The pdf file can be opened by almost all designing software. Please email for any question about the templates. All other requirements should be listed in the pdf file. Please read them carefully before editing.


Can I still do DIY design if I am not a professional designer? 

Sure you can. We have posted a very detailed tutorial for you to try it out. Please find the flag design tutorial here. It might take a little bit while to be familiar with the design software corel draw though. You should not use MS word / MS powerpoint to design your flag. But you may use them to sketch up your idea for us.  We offer our low-cost flag design service here.


Which file format should I save for artwork uploading? 

PDF file. We prefer vectorised .pdf files. We can accept high resolution .psd/.tif files if you use any bitmap design software in your flag design.  The minimum resolution requirement of a bitmap file is 100dpi at 1:1 scale.