What are Teardrop Flags or Teardrop Banners?

What are Teardrop Flags or Teardrop Banners?


Teardrop flags are often called teardrop banners, which is an alternative option of advertising banners besides feather flags. Both feather flags and teardrop flags got their names from their shapes. Teardrop flags become more popular now than feather flags based on our recent sales data. Here we would do a little bit further researh on how it would become so popular


1, One main advantage of teardrop flags is its unique large size area on the top, which can effectively improve the visibility of your brand or logo. 

2, The content on teardrop flags is more readable than feather flags. It is not an easy job to make a nice design on the relatively narrow banners, both teardrop and feather flags. Designers normally have to rotate their horizontal design on flyers or other banners when they transfer it onto a flag. The rotation angle of teardrop flags is only about 60-70 degrees, which has a big advantage than the 90 degrees of feather flags.. 

3. Teardrop flags are more durable than feather flags. The shape of teardrop flags is very tight. There is no flipping at the bottom of the flags. Less flipping means less fraying.


1. The printable area on teardrop flags is usually smaller than feather flags. 

2. It might be more difficulty to design a teardrop flag than a feather flag because of its irregular shape.