What are Feather Flags or Feather Banners?

What are Feather Flags or Feather Banners?


Feather flags are often called windblade flags or blade flags, which is one of the most popular flag banner for advertising. Feather Flags aren’t new to this world, these flags have been used as far back as the 1970’s when fiberglass material was introduced to flag pole industry. It becomes popular since 1990s through internet. Teardrop shape flags were further developed from the feather shape later. Both feather flags and teardrop flags got their names from their shapes. 


1, The printable area on feather flags is usually larger than teardrop flags.

2. The design on feather flag shape is considered as easier than teardrop flags because of the regular rectangular shape.

3, Feather flags have been widely accepted by businesses people who use flags for advertising, for example, car dealers and real estate agents.


1. The printable area on teardrop flags is usually smaller than feather flags. 

2. It is hard for customers to read the content on feather flags since it is often rotated in 90 degrees,

3. It is not as durable as teardrop flags, particularly in windy areas.