How to deliver my order to an different address?

How to deliver my order to an different address?

If you make an order for your clients or for another branch of your company, you need to add their address to the system. This can be done before the order or after the order.

1. How to add a new address to the system

There are two three steps to add a new address to the system. We assume that you have already had an account with us. If not, please register yourself first. Here we start from the loging in step.

After logging in your account, you will find the following dashboard on your screen. Please click on "My addresses" to the address management page.

On the address management page, you will find the blue "Add an address" button at the left bottom. Click it for adding a new address.

We should be quite family with this add-new-address page. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to change the address title for your new address. You cannot use the same title as your old address.

2. Use the new address for your order

if you have not made the order, you can just make the order as usual and select the new address (with the new title you just input). You may use different address for delivery and billing.

If you have already made the order, please send us an email at and we will make the change for you.