"Low price, Low Margin, High Volume" 

  •  How can Flagseller afford to offer such incredibly low prices? 

Not just you, our customers are routinely surprised by our great prices. We have done all the following efforts ahead of time to keep our prices as low as possible:

+ Factory prices - we cut all trademen between you and our factory. Yes, All of them! All our accessories are imported from China by ourselves. 
+ Very low expenses - we use our online system to manage all orders and we don't have to pay the expensive retail shop costs & labour costs. 
+ Low margin & high volumn strategy - as an online company, "low margin, high volumn" is part of our company's DNA. We love to see our clients/customers' smily faces :) 

Orders & Vouchers

  • Do you offer any special voucher? 

Yes, we do. We offer different vouchers and rewards to different groups of customers. You are welcome to check them here before ordering. Sometimes we also use grabone and treatme for online marketing.

  • How do I use these vouchers?

There is a textbox for you to input your voucher code when checking out. You won't miss it. You will see the discount instantly after inputing your voucher code. Please note that the discount shown on the page might not include gst.


Upload Artwork

  • Where should I upload my artwork or documents for design? 

You will find the "upload" button when checking out. Your artwork will be reviewed by our experienced designers in 24 hours. We will contact with you if there is any issue in your artwork. In most cases, we will send you a mockup before printing for final confirmation. But we may not contact with you if we find your artwork is just perfect. We start processing your order once we change the order situation to "PREPARATION IN PROGRESS". No change is allowed after that. 

  • How about if my artwork file size is quite big (>10 Megabytes)? 

In such a case, you should try to zip it. or you may send to flagseller.co.nz@gmail.com directly (Max 25M). You can also use dropbox.com and send us the link for downloading if your file is bigger than 25M.  

Templates & Design Tips

  • Where can I find the flag templates for design? 

You can find the templates on the product page. We offere corel draw templates, adobe illustrator templates, svg templates for inkscape, pdf templates for other software. Please email flagseller.co.nz@gmail.com for any question.

  • Can I still do DIY design if I am not a professional designer? 

Sure you can. We have a very detail tutorial for you to give a try. Please find the tutorial here. Some basic computer knowledges are required. We don't offer MS publisher template. You should not use MS word / MS powerpoint for design. But you may use them to sketch up your idea for us.  We offer our low cost design service here.

  • What format should I use? 

We prefer ai, cdr and pdf. We also accept eps or high resolution psd/tif file.  The minimum resolution requirement for a psd/tif file is 100dpi at 1:1 scale.

  • Must-knows in your design 

- Convert all texts to outlines or curves. 
- Use CMYK instead of RGB except svg files.


It normally takes about 4 - 7 working days to process & deliver your flag order. We have express services at extra cost. Please contact with us first if you have an urgent job to do.