How to prolong the life of your flag?

  1. Make sure that your flags have been properly installed. The installation is very straight-forward so you should not need any special instruction to follow. Please make sure that you have push the flag pole tip to the very end and tie up the flag with the cord stopper.  
  2. 100% no contact with any surrounding object: After setting up your flag outside, you have to make sure it will not flap against a roof, a wall, a fence, a tree, branches, or any other surrounding object. This is the most common reason that the flag pole pierces through the fabric at the top in a very short time.
  3. Windy Days: High winds are extremely rough on flags. If at all possible, take down the flag when winds exceed 15 m/s or 50 km/h
  4. Sunlights in Summer: For best results, do not expose your flag to midday summer sunlight. Some dark colours will fade much faster than the light colours. Having two flags and interchanging them is highly recommended to prolong the life of a flag.
  5. Bearing Lubrication: Enough lubrication should be provided to keep the bearing system working. The flag may be distorted in wind if the bearing system is broken.